Heritage walk to see iconic churches on MG Road

As part of our routine Globetrotting Girls India Bangalore meetup, my friends and I decided to do a heritage and photo walk to see churches on MG Road. We wanted something easy and a route that provided plenty of photographic opportunities. So, we selected the three churches around Bangalore’s Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road. Thanks to my friends who helped plan this route for the meetup.

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About Heritage Walk to see churches on MG Road

The heritage walk covers three iconic churches. It is an easy and relaxed walk and can also be done by beginners. This walk is perfect and suitable for a regular walk either in the morning or evening, especially over the weekends.

Dress appropriately and respect the churches as they are religious places.

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Logistics of the Heritage Walk

  • Starting point: Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Circle.
  • Finishing point: St Andrews Church, Cubbon Road.
  • Distance: approximately 2.2 kilometres one way.
  • Grade: Easy. The route is on the main roads, so be careful of the vehicles and ensure you check both sides before crossing the roads.
  • Total time: 30 to 40 minutes with leisure time.
  • Cost: Free. There is no entrance fee at any of the churches.
  • Path: Holy Trinity Church – East Parade Church (not open for non-members) – St Andrews Church.

Three churches to see on the MG Road Heritage Walk

Holy Trinity Church

Built in 1851, the Holy Trinity church is at the Trinity Circle and is a major landmark in Bangalore. This church was built for the British regiment stationed in Bangalore. And some of the frescoes and statues in the church were specially carved in England.

Did you know that the Holy Trinity Church can accommodate around 700 people and is considered as the largest military church in Southern India?

  • Timings: The church is open till 6 PM every day.
  • Nearest Metro station: Trinity Circle.

You can go inside the church but be mindful and respect the church traditions. Maintain silence and do not make noise or create nuisance, especially during the Sunday mass.

Holy Trinity Church Bengaluru
Holy Trinity Church

East Parade Church

Consecrated in 1865, the East Parade church is located on M G Road. The name East Parade comes from the location of the church. It is located on the east side of the Parade Grounds of the Madras Engineer Group (MEG) regiment. The church has services in English, Tamil, and Malayalam.

The East Parade church is the oldest and largest church in Bangalore.

  • Timings: Not open for public. Only members can go inside the church.
East Parade Church in Bengaluru
East Parade Church

St Andrews Church

The St Andrews church is located on Cubbon Road. It is a Presbyterian church with Gothic architecture, consecrated in 1866. Initially known as St. Andrews’s Kirk, the church is named after the patron saint in Scotland. The church also has a Bell Tower that can be seen from the outside.

Quick trivia: The total cost to build and construct the St Andrews Church was around INR 33,500. And the bell tower is said to have been damaged due to the heavy rains and restoration work was undertaken to restore it.

  • Nearest Metro station: Cubbon Park.

Unfortunately, I could not go inside the church.

Transportation to reach Holy Trinity Church

  • Public transportation (Metro) – The best and convenient way to commute in Bangalore is by taking the public transport.
    • There is a metro station right next to the Holy Trinity Church. The name of the metro station to get down is the Trinity Circle. The distance between Trinity Circle metro station and Holy Trinity Church is just 450 metres.
    • The nearest metro station for St Andrews Church is the Cubbon Park metro station.
    • For up-to-date information on the routes and timings, refer to the Namma Metro website.
  • Auto Rickshaw – The other convenient (even though a bit of hassle) way to travel in Bangalore is by taking an auto rickshaw. The minimum fare for 2 kilometres is INR 30 and then the metre calculates based on the set fare for every 1 kilometre.
    • The auto drivers are supposed to charge the passengers only the amount that the metre calculates, except before 7 AM and after 10 PM. In those times, the auto drivers charge double the fare.
    • If the auto driver demands more money, either haggle or let go of them to check with another auto driver.
    • Generally do not go to the auto stands as none of the auto drivers hail the passengers or they demand very high charges and it is usually waste of time inquiring the auto drivers at the stands.
    • This is the best commute when there is no metro station nearby or when you have less time to reach a place as the auto drivers make their way around and ensure you reach a place on time.
    • Personally, I wouldn’t say I like this commutation as the auto drivers generally demand more money than what is calculated on the metres and most times the auto drivers refuse to take the passengers.

Closing Notes

Bangalore is a very big city and has a lot of Christian communities, which means that there are many churches in the city. The three churches mentioned here are just around the MG and Cubbon Road. I highly recommend doing this heritage walk as I loved visiting these old buildings and knowing history about them.

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  • For up-to-date prices and availability, check individual and respective websites.
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