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Welcome to Bengaluru Prayana! Whether you are a first-time visitor to Bengaluru/Bangalore, a local eager to explore more of your city, or someone ready to uncover its hidden treasures, you have come to the right destination!

Raksha Nagaraj

Who Am I?

I am Raksha Nagaraj, often recognised as Solopassport and the creative force behind Bengaluru Prayana. While I have ventured to 50 countries across all seven continents, my affection for my hometown, Bengaluru (or Bangalore), remains unparalleled.

Having spent most of my life in Bengaluru, I believe this city deserves more than just being seen as a transit hub. This conviction led me to explore Bengaluru in depth, hence the inception of Bengaluru Prayana (which translates to “Bengaluru Journey” in Kannada). Through Bengaluru Prayana, I aim to inspire others to discover and cherish this city just as I do.

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About Bengaluru Prayana

Bengaluru Prayana, which translates to “journey in and around Bengaluru” in Kannada, was conceived to highlight the delightful aspects of this remarkable city.

Initiated in November 2021, Bengaluru Prayana began as a personal endeavour to discover and share Bangalore’s lesser-known gems. While the city is renowned as an IT hub with a vibrant pub culture and pleasant weather, it boasts many attractions beyond these popular facets.

Kaapi Kudi, Malleshwaram Street art

Banni Bengaluru Prayana Madonna (Come, Let’s Explore Bengaluru)

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Bengaluru Prayana Meetups and Events

Bengaluru Prayana organises frequent meetups, providing opportunities for fellow Bangaloreans to come together and collectively explore the city. To date, we have conducted over 15 walking meetups, fostering connections among like-minded individuals who share common interests. Many of these individuals have formed lasting friendships through these gatherings.

Banni Bengaluru Prayana Madonna!

Master the art of meticulous planning, indulge in extensive exploration, and embrace the essence of life in the vibrant streets of Namma Bengaluru.

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