Someshwara Temple

Even though Bangalore is the Information Technology (IT) capital of the world, the city is very traditional and people are religious by nature. There are many historical and old landmarks around the city. And Someshwara Temple Ulsoor is one among them. In this post, you will find the details of this beautiful Someshwara Temple Ulsoor.

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About Someshwara Temple Ulsoor

Dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Someshwara, the Someshwara Temple Ulsoor is one of the ancient temples in Bangalore. Known for its architectural beauty and religious significance, the temple is located in Ulsoor and is part of the Ulsoor Heritage Trail. Attracting many history enthusiasts, and art lovers, the temple is known by many names such as Halasuru Someshwara Temple, Someshwara Swamy Temple and Someshwara Temple Bangalore.

Halasuru Someshwara Temple
Halasuru Someshwara Temple

History and Stories of Someshwara Temple Ulsoor

Reflecting the architectural styles of the Chola and Vijayanagara periods, the Someshwara Temple Ulsoor dates back to the 9th century during the Chola dynasty. Even though the initial construction was of Chola dynasty, the temple was later renovated during the Vijayanagara dynasty between 15th and 16th centuries. Over the years and centuries, the temple has undergone many renovations and preservations to maintain its original structure and integrity.

If you truly want to see the spectacular temples and ruins of Vijayanagara dynasty, then visit Hampi.

Sree Someshwara Swamy temple Ulsoor
Sree Someshwara Swamy temple

According to legend, Kempegowda I, founder of Bangalore, once rode far away from the capital Yelahanka to hunt. When he got tired, he stopped and rested under the shade of a tree where he fell asleep. In his dream, Lord Someshwara appeared and instructed him to build a temple at that place with the hidden treasure found underground. After returning to the capital, Kempegowda I asked his soldiers to dig the ground where they did find the treasure. And using this treasure, he did build the temple.

Another version of the legend states that King Jayappa Gowda from a minor dynasty was hunting in Halasuru area where he felt tired and rested under a tree. He fell asleep soon and in his dream, a man appeared who told him that a linga (form of Lord Someshwara) was buried where he was sleeping. The king instructed his soldiers to retrieve the linga and upon finding it, the king built the temple out of wood.

Visitor Information

  • As this is a religious temple, ensure to dress appropriately.
  • Leave your footwear at the dedicated stand outside the temple.
  • The temple is open everyday between 6:30 AM and 12:30 PM, and between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.
  • Mahashivaratri is one of the main festivals celebrated at the temple and is the busiest time.
  • There are no entrance fee for religious sites in Bangalore.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the mantapa and sanctum.
  • Do not make noise or throw garbage inside the premises of the temple.

Notable features of Someshwara Temple Ulsoor

Popular for its impressive Dravidian-style architecture, the temple has many notable features. Some of the things that you need to observe and notice are:

  • Kamba (pillar) in front of the entrance with sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.
  • Mantapa consists of 48 pillars and each one of them have carvings.
  • Gopuram (temple tower) at the entrance is decorated with intricate sculptures and carvings.
  • Entrance of the garbhagriha (sanctum) has two dvarapalakas (door keepers).
Pillars of Someshwara Temple Ulsoor
  • Main garbhagriha (sanctum) houses Lord Someshwara in the form of lingam.
  • Depiction of Girija Kalyana which is the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Sculptures of Ravana lifting Mount Kailash, and Goddess Durga slaying Mahishasura.
  • Tamil inscriptions indicating that Ulsoor had Mudaliars residents.
  • Kalyani (pond) which is said to be more than 1200 years old exists close to the temple but unfortunately this has been the victim of urbanisation and destruction.
Sculpture at Someshwara Temple Ulsoor
Sculpture at Someshwara Temple Ulsoor

How to get to Someshwara Temple Ulsoor?

By Air

The closest airport to the temple is the Kempegowda International Airport. And the airport is about 40 kilometres from the temple and by road, the journey takes about 1.5 hours. There are many different ways to travel in Bangalore and one of them is by taking the airport buses to get to the city centre.

Note that Bangalore’s traffic is intense and getting to any place can take a lot of time which is one of the things to know about Bangalore.

By Road

The temple is just around 4 kilometres from Bangalore General Post Office (GPO) and it takes less than 10 minutes by road.

By Public Transport

The best and fastest way to reach the temple is by taking a metro. Namma Metro has a station at Ulsoor by the same name, which is very close to the temple. You can also take a Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus that stops near the temple.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Someshwara Temple Ulsoor

Q: Where is Someshwara Temple located?

The temple is located in Ulsoor area of Bangalore. This area is very close to Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road.

Q: What is the history of Someshwara Temple Ulsoor?

The temple was initially constructed by the Cholas in the 9th century and then was renovated by the Vijayanara Empire.

Q: Which metro station is near to Someshwara Temple Ulsoor?

The closest metro station to the temple is the Ulsoor metro station.

Q: What are the timings of Someshwara Temple Ulsoor?

The temple is open everyday in the morning from 6:30 AM to 12 PM, and in the evening from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Q: What other temples should you visit when you are in Bangalore?

Bangalore has plenty of temples and each one of them are unique and beautiful. If I have to suggest you some of the names then definitely visit the Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple in Gavipuram, Sree Panchalinga Nageshvara Temple in Begur, Sree Kadu Malleshwara Temple in Malleshwaram, Bull Temple in Basavanagudi, and Sree Dakshinamukha Nandi Teertha Temple in Malleshwaram.

Closing Notes

Halasuru Someshwara Temple is truly one of the most amazing temples in Bangalore. With splendid architecture and art around the temple, it is mesmerising to see the structure and temple. I highly recommend visiting this temple when you are in Bangalore as it is one of the hidden gems in Bangalore.

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