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Are you a food lover? Do you crave for authentic and delicious food? Then you are at the right place. With heaps of restaurants and cafes, Bangalore surely is a food lover’s paradise. There are many must-try restaurants in Bangalore that can satisfy your taste buds, irrespective of which cuisine you like. In this post, you will find the best must-try restaurants in Bangalore, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

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Must-Try Restaurants in Bangalore (Vegetarian)

If you enjoy Indian Chats and street food, then here are the 5 Indian street food that you must try when you are in Bangalore.

Sree Sagar Hotel or Central Tiffin Room (CTR)

Founded in 1940 by Y. V. Subramanyam and his brothers, CTR is an iconic eatery in Malleshwaram area of Bangalore. Especially famous for its crispy Benne Masala Doses, CTR has a loyal customer base and is one of the favourites among the locals. In spite of passing of so many years, one of the unique selling points (USP) of CTR is the consistency of maintaining the same taste throughout the decades.

What to Try? Benne Masala Dose.
Location: Malleshwaram.
Nearest Metro Station: Mantri Square Metro Station.

Did you know that this eatery is one of Deepika Padukone’s favourite restaurants in Bangalore?

Benne Masala Dose at CTR
Benne Masala Dose at CTR

Taaza Thindi

Founded by the Mayura Group, Taaza Thindi is a famous breakfast fast-food joints in Bangalore. It is known for fresh South Indian breakfast items. The USP of this restaurant is that they serve delicious and authentic South Indian food for affordable prices.

What to Try? Kesari Bath and Masala Dose.
Location: Jayanagar and Banashankari.
Nearest Metro Station: Banashankari Metro Station.

For commutation in Bangalore, here is a detailed guide on transportation for Bangalore.

Taaza Thindi Bengaluru
Kesari Bath at Taaza Thindi

Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR)

Founded in 1924 by Yajnanarayana Maiya and his brothers, MTR is an iconic restaurant known for its traditional South Indian vegetarian food. Started as a small food stall, today MTR is one of the must visit darshinis in Bengaluru. Its key USP is the commitment in maintaining the high-quality and original recipes / cooking techniques that have been passed on through generations.

What to Try? Bisibele Bath, Filter Coffee.
Location: Lalbagh Road.
Nearest Metro Station: Lalbagh Metro Station.

Sometimes at MTR, they serve filter coffee in silver cups that is pretty awesome and cool. MTR has won many awards and accolades for the contribution to the South Indian cuisine.

Bisibele Bath at MTR
Bisibele Bath at MTR

Halli Mane

Translating to Village House, Halli Mane is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Malleshwaram area of Bengaluru. Serving authentic South Indian cuisine, along with Obattu (sweet Indian bread) oota (meals), this restaurant is perfect to try the local food, especially during the festivals.

What to Try? Obattu Oota.
Location: Malleshwaram.
Nearest Metro Station: Mantri Square Metro Station.

Obattu Oota at Halli Mane, Malleshwaram
Obattu Oota at Halli Mane

London Curry House

Started in 2016, London Curry House is a London themed restaurant with many vegetarian options. It is a quaint restaurant with amazing décor and delicious food. The restaurant is perfect for fine dining and is categorised as a Modern Indian Restaurant.

What to Try? Starters or Entrees.
Location: Race Course Road.
Nearest Metro Station: Mantri Mall Metro Station.

Entrée at London Curry House
Entrée at London Curry House

Must-Try Restaurants in Bangalore (Non-Vegetarian)


Located on Church Street, Bhimas is an Andhra-style cuisine restaurant. With delicious biryani and chicken dishes, the restaurant also has other South Indian cuisines such as Kerala cuisine.

What to Try? Chicken Biryani.
Location: Church Street.
Nearest Metro Station: MG Road Metro Station.

Barbeque Nation

Founded by Sayaji Hotels Limited in 2006, Barbeque Nation (BBQ) is a chain of restaurants specialising in grilled and barbecued dishes. They offer buffet-style dining and are known for unlimited barbecue items made of meat, seafood and vegetarian options.

What to Try? Barbeque.
Location: Various branches across Bengaluru and one is at Indiranagar.
Nearest Metro Station: Indiranagar Metro Station.


Owned by Taj Group of Hotels, Karavalli specialises in Coastal Karnataka and Mangalorean cuisine. Particularly famous for its seafood and rich flavours, Karavalli is one of the top restaurants to visit for coastal cuisine.

What to Try? Neer Dose, Ghee Roast.
Location: Malleshwaram.
Nearest Metro Station: Mantri Square Metro Station.

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Nagarjuna Restaurant

Founded in the late 1980s, Nagarjuna restaurant is famous for its Andhra-style cuisine. With strong flavours and spices, this restaurant is the go to restaurant if you love Andhra food. There are many branches around the city and each of them have maintained its consistent taste and quality.

What to Try? Chicken Biryani and Chicken Roast.
Location: Residency Road or Indiranagar.
Nearest Metro Station: MG Road for Residency Road branch or Indiranagar Metro Station for Indiranagar branch.

Nagarjuna Restaurant Bengaluru
Chicken Biryani and Roast at Nagarjuna Restaurant

Chutney Chang

Known for buffet-style dining, Chutney Chang serves a wide range of Indian cuisine, including North and South Indian dishes. The restaurant’s USP is the extensive selection of chutneys. With pleasant ambience, Chutney Chang is perfect to spend an afternoon with your friends or family.

What to Try? Chutneys, Kebabs, Curries.
Location: Various branches across Bengaluru and one is at Lavelle Road.
Nearest Metro Station: MG Road Metro Station.

Mainland China

Founded by Anjan Chatterjee in 1995, Mainland China is known for serving authentic Chinese cuisine. With high-quality food, Mainland China offers wide range of Chinese dishes.

What to Try? Noodles, Dumplings.
Location: Various branches across Bengaluru and one is at Church Street.
Nearest Metro Station: MG Road Metro Station.

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