Exploring Bangalore Palace A Regal Heritage

With a harmonious blend of Tudor and Scottish Gothic styles, the Bangalore Palace stands as a living testament to the city’s regal past and architectural grandeur. To make the most of this royal experience, it is crucial to be well-informed about practical details, including Bangalore Palace entry fee and timings. This magnificent palace is more than just a historic landmark, it is a portal to a bygone era of royalty and opulence.

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About Bangalore Palace

Standing as a testament to the city’s rich history and regal heritage, Bangalore Palace is a captivating architectural gem nestled in the heart of Bengaluru (Bangalore). Commissioned in 1862 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, the then Maharaja of Mysore, the palace was inspired by the Tudor-style architecture of England. It was completed in 1878.

The sprawling estate, spread across 454 acres, exudes a magnificent blend of Gothic and Victorian influences, featuring towering turrets, elegant arches, and intricately crafted woodwork.

Outside view of Bangalore Palace

As visitors encounter a treasure trove of artifacts, family photographs, and memorabilia that chronicle the illustrious history of the Wodeyer dynasty, walking through the corridors of Bangalore Palace is akin to stepping back in time. The palace interiors are a reflection of opulence, adorned with stained glass windows, chandeliers, and a collection of period furniture. Enveloped by lush greenery and complemented by well-maintained gardens, the palace grounds provide a serene escape from the bustling city.

In addition to its architectural attraction, Bangalore Palace often hosts cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions, adding a contemporary vibrancy to its historical significance.

Bangalore Palace

Why Visit Bangalore Palace?

Bangalore Palace is one of the things to add in your trip to Bangalore. Even if you are short on time and have just one day in Bangalore, definitely do not miss this landmark.

Spectacular Architecture of Bangalore Palace

There are many reasons to explore this iconic destination:

  • Architectural Marvel – With architecture that combines Tudor and Gothic styles, the palace’s striking facades, towering turrets, and intricate woodwork showcase a unique blend of European influences, making it a visual delight for architecture enthusiasts.
  • Historical Significance – The palace are decorated with artifacts, portraits and stories showcase the rich heritage and connection to Wodeyer / Wadiyar dynasty.
  • Lush Gardens and Grounds – With well-maintained gardens surrounding the palace, the gardens and grounds offer a serene escape from the urban hustle, providing a peaceful environment for relaxation and appreciation of nature.
  • Photographic Delight – The architectural details, vibrant gardens, and the overall grandeur of the palace make it a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Currently, you can only take pictures outside of the palace and no photography is allowed inside.
  • Educational Experience – The palace serves as an educational destination for both locals and tourists interested in the region’s history. It is a place where you can learn about the cultural and historical nuances of Bangalore and Karnataka by delving into the exhibits and displays within the palace.

How to Get to Bangalore Palace?

Located in the heart of the city, getting to Bangalore Place is quite straightforward. There are many modes of transport that you can use in Bangalore.

By Air

The closest airport, Kempegowda International Airport, is located 35 kilometres from the palace. You can take a taxi or a bus from the airport to get off close to the palace. The journey takes approximately an hour, depending on the traffic.

Exploring Bangalore Palace: A Regal Heritage (2024)

By Public Transport

  • Bus – You can take buses, operated by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), that pass through or have stops near Bangalore Palace. The bus stop closest to the palace is the Palace Grounds bus stop. You will need to pay the bus fare either by cash or UPI.
  • Namma Metro – Situated about 3 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park metro station is the closest metro station. From the metro station, you can take an auto-rickshaw.

By Road

Located at Vasanth Nagar, near Mount Carmel Institute of Management, you can easily get to Bangalore Palace. The distance between Bangalore Palace and Bangalore General Post Office (GPO) is just around 3.5 kilometres. Note that one of the things to know about Bangalore is that the traffic is intense.

Exploring Bangalore Palace: A Regal Heritage (2024)

Where to Stay close to Bangalore Palace?

When choosing accommodation, consider your budget, preferences, and the purpose of your visit. There are many accommodation options near Bangalore Palace, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses.

  • Jayamahal Palace Hotel – Located 2.5 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, Jayamahal Palace Hotel is a heritage hotel owned by H.G.H Hotels.
  • Taj West End – Located 2.5 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, Taj West End is an iconic 5-star hotel with beautiful gardens and a serene atmosphere. It is one of the best hotels in Bangalore for families.
  • The Lalit Ashok Bangalore – Located 3 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, The Lalit Ashok offers a blend of luxury and convenience. It is known for its elegant rooms and excellent amenities.
  • The Capitol Hotel – Located 3 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, The Capitol Hotel is known for its central location and comfortable accommodations.
  • Hotel Chalukya – Located 3.5 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, Hotel Chalukya is a mid-range option with good amenities.
  • Shangri-La Hotel Bengaluru – Located 4 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, Shangri-La is a 5-star hotel offering contemporary rooms, multiple dining options, and a spa for relaxation.
  • ITC Gardenia Bengaluru – Located 4 kilometres from Bangalore Palace, ITC Gardenia is a luxury hotel known for its opulent design and gourmet dining, it provides a lavish stay experience.

Bangalore Palace Timings

The Bangalore Palace is open to visitors. It is open to visitors between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Tuesday to Sunday. The palace is closed for visitors on Mondays. If there are any events or exhibitions, then be prepared for large crowd.

Exploring Bangalore Palace A Regal Heritage

Bangalore Palace Entry Fee

Visitors need to purchase a entry ticket at the entrance of the palace. The Bangalore Palace entry fee varies depending on the person and their citizenship. For Indian citizens, the entry fee is Rupees 250 for an adult and Rupees 150 for a child. For foreign nationals, the entry fee is Rupees 500 for an adult and Rupees 250 for a child.

Price disclaimers:

  • The prices mentioned in the post are indicative and are applicable at the time of publishing the post.
  • For up-to-date prices and availability, check individual and respective websites.
  • Opinions mentioned in the post are solely mine and unbiased. If the post is written as part of a collaboration, then the collaboration disclaimer is discussed explicitly at the end of the post.
Outside Bangalore Palace

Audio Tour in Bangalore Palace

With your entrance fee, you can hire an audio set to listen to the facts and stories of the palace. It is available after entering the palace. The audio tour is available in 10 different languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, French, German, Italian, and French.

The staff members, including the person who sells the tickets at the entrance and the person who hands out stickers to you after seeing the ticket, at Bangalore Palace are rude, and not at all friendly. Be prepared for this and do not take anything personally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bangalore Palace

Q: Why is Bangalore Palace famous?

Known for its intricate wooden carvings and fascinating architecture, Bangalore Palace resembles the medieval castles of Normandy and England. The architecture is a blend of the Tudor style of architecture, with Scottish Gothic influences.

Bengaluru Palace
Bangalore Palace’ Picture taken by Divya

Q: Can we go inside Bangalore Palace?

Yes, visitors are allowed inside the palace with a valid entrance ticket. A significant number of visitors, especially on weekends and holidays, visit the palace.

Q: Which king lived in Bangalore Palace?

The palace was primarily intended as a private residence for the Wodeyer family, who were the rulers of the Kingdom of Mysore. The Wodeyars had their main residence in Mysore and Bangalore Palace wasn’t a permanent residence for any specific king.

Q: Where is Bangalore Palace located?

The palace is located in Vasanth Nagar area, close to Mount Carmel college.

Q: What are the timings to visit Bangalore Palace?

The palace is open from 10:00 AM in the morning to 5:00 in the evening Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays.

Q: How many hours required to see Bangalore Palace?

You need around 2 hours to see the exhibits, artifacts, and the gardens of Bangalore Palace.

Q: When was Bangalore Palace built?

The palace was commissioned in 1862 and completed in 1878.

Q: Does the royal family live in Bangalore Palace?

No, the royal family currently lives in Mysore.

Q: What is Bangalore Palace entry fee?

The tickets vary depending on the citizenship (ensure to check for up-to-date fee at the entrance):

Indian Citizens:

  • Adult: Rupees 250 per person.
  • Child: Rupees 150 per person.

Foreign Nationals:

  • Adult: Rupees 500 per person.
  • Child: Rupees 250 per person.

Q: Can we take pictures inside the palace?

No, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the palace. It was allowed earlier with a fee, but now no one can take pictures of the interiors. Also, do not carry DSLRs or cameras to the palace as you will not be allowed to enter.

Q: What are the other places that can be visited with Bangalore Palace?

Bangalore Palace is close to many other tourist destinations. To name a few are:

Closing Notes

Whether exploring the intricacies of the palace’s architecture, immersing oneself in its storied past, or attending an event on its premises, visiting Bangalore Palace is one of the best things you can do when you are in Bangalore. For those seeking to embark on a journey through time and witness the grandeur of an era long gone, Bangalore Palace stands as an iconic destination that continues to be a symbol of the city’s royal legacy.

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Exploring Bangalore Palace: A Regal Heritage (2024)
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